Fiber to the home no japão....babem-se um pouco

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Fiber to the home no japão....babem-se um pouco

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The Japanese FTTH Business Model

The monthly fee for FTTH service in Japan is typically around $41 for residential 100Mbps PON service. Of the $41 customer fee, about $2 is the cost of maintaining indoor wiring, $18 is the cost of maintaining the outside line, $9 is the cost of the IP network, and $7 pays for other of the network provider’s business expenses. The remaining $4 to $5, or about 11 percent of the monthly fee, is profit.

The reported costs are conservative estimates and profit may be even greater. This business model thus provides a profit stream in excess of $4 million a month (based on one million users) to Japanese FTTH providers.

Since Japanese FTTH networks are centered on the philosophy that high-speed access drives all business, “tiered” services are not generally offered to FTTH customers – at least not in the sense that the term, is understood in the U.S. Rather, the telephone companies and NCCs offer lower-speed access via DSL and high-speed access via fiber. Everyone who orders a fiber connection gets the same 100Mbps bi-directional access speed. Businesses that are willing to pay more can get a dedicated fiber service to guarantee the 100Mbps transmission speed. However, even B-PON subscribers who must share the transmission medium achieve 70 percent to 80 percent of the 100Mbps peak rate on average – even though the 32 users often share a single bandwidth-limited 100Mbps connection to the regional network.

Japanese network engineers take full advantage of the statistical nature of IP to avoid overbuilding their networks while still providing the customers with the feeling of a full-speed network. This allows a very efficient and low-cost network design that can recover costs quickly, even without providing services directly.
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Japão esta sempre num processo de tecnologia mais avançada que os paises europeus :)
o Japão é a tecnologia da asia :D
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